BA thesis

»Camouflage to communicate and
reinforce a positive brand experience.«
Graphic Design Editorial Design Packaging Design

My bachelor thesis deals with the new camouflage car wrapping using the example of the ID. BUZZ of the Volkswagen brand. The purpose is to announce a new model. The car wrap should hide a large part of the design, but the main features are visible. This type of marketing is often used at exhibitions. The vehicle is displayed in a coherent environment. A whole new world is created with a uniform overall image and promotional items - a new era of marketing has dawned.

To understand why this type of marketing works so well, I have done extensive research into the psychology of perception in relation to design. Which stimuli appeal to our brain, which colours and shapes are particularly striking and what does our cultural background have to do with all this?

Graphic Design
Animation – Animation –

The bachelor thesis was developed in cooperation with the
exterior design of Volkswagen AG.

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