2D Animation

Moving images trigger more emotions than
a photograph. To expand my skills in that area, I
successfully completed an After Effects course.
Motion Design Graphic Design

For some time now I have been working a lot with emotions in design. More emotions can be achieved through movement in the image. This was a crucial point why I decided to take an elective course to learn the software After Effects. Here I learned the basic knowledge regarding compositing as well as 2D character animation. With this knowledge, many projects can be brought to "life" and create a great effect on the viewer.

For my animations, I chose a well-known character and created an illustrative flat design. It was important to me that the videos work in a loop, so they seem endless. The first video shows a morph from Pikachu to Raichu, in the second video Pikachu skates and in the third video, Pikachu does a training session.

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